Rotary EClub of Upstate NY welcomes you:

We focus on doing acts of service. If you like driving to meetings and sitting around a table paying to eat a meal, then it might be best to join a traditional club with fixed weekly meetings. If you would rather focus on doing service with a flexible schedule, then please consider becoming either a member of our club or an eRotary Friend .  With either choice, we have much to share, teach, and offer which you can bring to other groups with which you participate. The future is going towards flexible electronic options, so it is best to learn and adapt before being left behind. 

Phone (small screen) Menu: click the Top Left Corner of your phone just under our banner = 

Please Share A Weekly Voice Update @ 518-407-5282‬
Dear Members... We are now testing a weekly member update where each member calls in by Sunday and leaves a phone voicemail sharing anything interesting this week or ideas you would like to share with other members (like Happy Dollars :-). These voicemail messages will be combined into a short weekly video update to share for everyone to feel more connected. All new things start out a little messy but it should improve communication and sense of community with only a phone call.
Please start calling in now and leaving messages @ 518-407-5282‬

Below is an example created using voice message audio and PowerPoint.