A permanent standing committee is typically defined in organizational by-laws or charter. It is not like a task forces which is a short term work group created on an "as-needed" basis to work on a single defined task or activity for a specified short period of time. 

Committee Member:
As a club committee member you help make your club a successful, thriving, and fun place. Whether you have been appointed as a committee chair or serve as a committee member, you can help your club improve your communities and develop leaders.

Committee Chair:
Oversee committee functions; Convene regular committee meetings and activities; Supervise and coordinates the committee’s work; Report activities to club board

Example Committees

Administration: Conduct and monitor activities associated with the effective operation of the club – particularly club meetings and club facilities; Ensure that every club meeting is properly planned and arranged in advance

MembershipTo develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment, retention, development, engagement
and welfare of members.

FundraisingCoordinate all fundraising projects within the club; Develop a club plan directing fundraising profits to appropriate club Committees and projects; Monitor shortfalls in funding in relation to club commitments; Continually generate and investigate possible new fundraising ideas

Public RelationsDevelop and implement plans to provide the local public with information about Rotary and to
promote the club’s service projects and activities; Promote and encourage members to be active promoting the club on Social media outlets; Monitor the upkeep and effectiveness of the club’s website (our face to the world)

Rotary FoundationDevelop and implement plans to support The Rotary Foundation through both financial contributions and
program participation

Community ServiceDevelop and implement projects that benefit the local and district community; Provide services to the local community as requested
International ServiceDevelop, implement and monitor service programs with an International focus; Educate club members about the range of Rotary’s International Programs.
Vocational ServiceDevelop projects that promote and improve the general standards of practice in vocations in the local and
wider communities; Promote ethical business practices in the community
Youth ServiceDevelop and implement educational and support projects that address the needs of young people in the local and wider communities.

Rotary Support
Outgoing committee chairs and members; Assistant governor; District committees; Regional coordinators